Raising Registered Brahman and Brahman Influenced Cattle in Adairsville, Georgia

When the Deaton family moved to Adairsville, Georgia in 2016, they embraced the country lifestyle and began purchasing cattle to raise as a hobby. Bill, who spent most of his career in the construction business, quickly fell in love with Brahman cattle. His newfound interest soon became his latest business venture, TCC Farms, a registered Brahman operation. Today, TCC Farms is a true family affair involving Bill's wife and daughters. In fact, the name TCC Farms is a tribute to these three women; Teri, Carolanne, and Cameron.

Committed to producing high-quality genetics and sound commercial and purebred stock, TCC Farms takes pride in improving and pushing their herd to reach its highest genetic potential. The Deatons are thankful to have a dedicated staff with years of expertise in the cattle business to best serve all clients. While their main focus is raising registered Brahman and Brahman influenced cattle, TCC Farms also has other registered cattle of various breeds, as displayed on the Sires page.

TCC Farms is nestled between Chattanooga, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia, making their location ideal for visitors interested in their stock. When you choose TCC Farms as your source for registered brahman and brahman influenced cattle, you are not just purchasing livestock; you are entering into a partnership rooted in trust and excellence. Our dedication to customer satisfaction means that we are always here to provide support, guidance, and expertise to ensure your success in the cattle industry.

We invite you to visit our ranch, meet our team, and witness firsthand the exceptional quality of our cattle. Whether you are a rancher, breeder, or cattle enthusiast, TCC Farms is your destination for superior cattle genetics and unmatched customer service.

Join us in our pursuit of excellence, and let TCC Farms be your trusted partner in cattle breeding and ranching. Contact us today to learn more about our available cattle and how we can help you achieve your goals in the Brahman industry.

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